How Come The Grass Is Greener?

Posted: April 12, 2010 in 21 st Century Parenting
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Why Do We Think The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side?

Last week I was very out numbered with my five boys, one husband, two brothers and my nephew all in one house….that is 9 Males to one Lady 🙂

It was overwhelming to say the least, as well as very smelly !!

But I was taught many great lessons in the one week. Lessons that our whole family were taught.  I realised that I do not have the patience of a saint, and that I am not happy with a smelly toilet. I learnt that my boys are blessed to have a Mum and Dad that are hard on them – we do discipline them when they do wrong and Yep we are hard parents because they are not allowed to roam the streets swearing !!!

I am curious, Why Do We Think the grass Is Greener on the other side?

My boys thought that their Nephew was lucky because he has a motor bike, and numerous computer games, plus gets to roam the streets in his area when he wants. My Nephew did not like the way our house had rules and set chores. It was amazing to see the difference of children considering we are all connected within the same family. It was also sad to think that a week was all we had to show a different way of living. We are so very lucky to live in sunny Queensland where the environment is healthy compared to outer N.S.W. That sounds really snobby but I was brought up there so I know how lucky my boys are to be living in an environment that lets them be safe.

Is the Grass Greener? Or is it a different mindset in our house? Are we being parents to our boys instead of best friends? I know there are many different ways to parent in the 21st Century….. I always see other parents and wonder what they are thinking with the way they speak to their children. I am no expert parent, and I have many flaws, with many more lessons to be taught as my boys grow.  There is one thing that I like to think that I am working towards as being the best Mum in that particular area, and that is letting the boys grow into the best person that they can be (they were born to grow into great Men)…..if that means that they are not allowed to get away with the wrong behaviour then YEP I take first place for being the Meanest Mother in the world 🙂

How Come The Grass Is Greener On the Other Side?



  1. I don’t think it’s “greener” on any side, just different shades of green which makes things like new and vibrant even if the other side is darker. Each parent has their own way of doing things, no matter if they had the same parent or not. It just takes a great person to bite their tongue when something is happening they don’t agree with.

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Sarah,

      I like how you say “different shades of green” – that’s good. I think I need to bite my tongue more often when I am with my family, and accept that our parenting skills are different 🙂


  2. Hi Lisa

    Great article to get me thinking about why we do them and how we do things with our children.

    I believe that everyone has good in them and the way we parent is because our children are the most important creation in our lives. I love being a Mum and try to make the best decisions I can make at that time.

    Hindsight is always easier afterwards. I do agree children do need boundaries and they also need the why’s too.

    Our perception as to things being greener on the other side usually bounces back to how fortunate we are in our own lives.

    Thanks again for your great article and I am grateful for being reminded how fortunate I am.

    Cherie R

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Cherie,

      Great to have your comment on here 🙂 I am so very grateful for my five amazing boys and have realised that we are very blessed in our life. I realised that each and all of us have different parenting skills and totally understand that we are unique in that way. But so agree with boundaries. I see a lot of “new age” parenting when I help out at the boys school with reading and it sure is different!!
      Glad that we could connect here on Woodys House 🙂


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