The Fear Of Success

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Law Of Attraction
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Why You Are Your Worst Enemy 🙂

You are not meaning to be, but really you can be your worst enemy IF you let yourself listen to the smaller voice within.
Sometimes in Life there are road blocks along the way. You start out with good intentions, and have lots of fire when first embark on a new concept. It’s almost like Christmas. You are excited and roaring to go. You have the idea, you know what you want to do with your new idea and you are opening up your gift with all the gusto you could image – almost like you are born again.
Then as the days go on, and the idea is no longer new, your start to wonder if you “Fantastic Idea” is going to work.
As soon as one tiny little road block gets in your way, you doubt yourself and wonder “What Am I Doing?” It’s OK to have those feelings, they are totally normal. What you need to do is stop, take a short break, get out your goal book (of if you are yet to get one, now is a good time!) and write out a very detailed plan of what your end result is going to be.


It’s a real feeling. IT can hit you anytime, and will hold you back. Accept the feeling for what it is.
Get the feeling and focus on wrapping it up tight. Place it in the finest wrapping paper possible, tie it up with a ribbon and throw it off a bridge. Think of the tallest Bridge possible. See yourself at that bridge. See how tall that bridge is, feel the excitement building within. Excitement because your fear is no longer taking hold of you. The Fear Of Success is not going to be in control of your life. Slowly lean over the railing of the bridge. Slowly put out your arms with your Present. Its bow is so very tight, and so perfect that the fear will be contained in that box forever. Open up your arms, very wide and let go of The Fear Of Success parcel.

How Does It Feel To Say Goodbye To The Fear Of Success.

It’s now gone. It will fly away to the bottom of the ocean and will stay there. The Fear Of Success can no longer take control. It’s no longer a part of you. Look above your head as you lower your arms. You see a white dove fly by. It circles above you and dips to one side. It is letting you know that Success is now within you, staying with you wherever you go. From the moment you step back from the railing, smile. You have let go of The Fear Of Success, and within your heart, your arms, your smile, and your whole body You WILL SUCCEED.
Please take this idea I use to ease my feelings of “The Fear Of Success” and know that you too can be successful. No matter what tool you use to get to your end result…..The Fear Of Success No Longer Needs To Hold You Back.
Please Note – I am no expert at how to deal with The Fear Of Success, I am only sharing with you one idea that I use to let go of my fear and to move forward to succeed 🙂

Here’s To Your Success.

Lisa Wood.

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