Think About How Your Business Looks

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Business Image
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For Any Business That Is Open To The Public, Think About How Your Business Image Is Advertised!

Today David and I had to go to a Landscaping business to purchase rocks for under the house. With all the rain we have had it has started to wash away the dirt. I was concerned about the footing’s under the house because where the dirt is running away is a stump for the house. I think that the stump (being a steel pole) goes deep enough into the ground that we are safe. I knew the Landscape place that David was going to, and I wanted to go with my camera. Weird I know, but there is a very good reason why I wanted to go. See I drive past this place at least three to four times a week. On the side of the road they have a sign. This Sign is accessed by all those that drive past and look up. On that sign is a quote that they change each week. I am amazed by the quotes that they display. This particular quote caught my eye, so I took my camera and decided to capture it so I could share with you all.
Think Outside The Square

This is a Landscaping Business in Beerwah, and considering the size of the area, it is a HUGE business. Why are they so successful?  Because they think outside the square……
I went into the office and asked the lovely lady behind the counter who thought of the quotes? The gorgeous lady said that she looks  up quotes on the internet and puts them up. I was so impressed with how they operate their business I decided to get a card so that I could point you in the right direction for any landscaping supplies!!! So here is the link  “Moroney’s Landscape Supplies”, If you pop in anytime have a look at see what is on the board.
Here are some other photos so you can see how they are set up so well – they are a huge place considering how small the area is – but they are a company that know how to make it in this world 🙂
Think Outside The Square

Remember Next Time That you want to market your self or your business……Think About How Your Business Looks, Think Outside the square 🙂

How have you thought to market yourself?

Lisa Wood.
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