To Comment Or To Not Comment

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Law Of Attraction
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That Is The Question? What Is The Answer?

When you are visiting blog posts for the first time, or for a return visit do you always leave a comment? Or do you read the blog and leave without bothering to leave a comment?

Here are a few tips that I have picked up along the way after commenting on some blogs for the last three years 🙂

  • Use your name. Using your name lets others in the blog world know who you are, and gives you credit.

  • Use a correct email address. If you decide to use a fake email address, or one that is no longer current then you might miss out on the blog owner getting in contact with you.

  • Say Hello or Hi to the blog owner, making sure to use their preferred name.

  • Keep to the point of what the blog post is based on. Sure use your own story to relate back to the blog, yet at the same time make sure you stay on track.

  • Be polite. You might have your own beliefs or thoughts on the topic of the blog, BUT always be polite. Remember that the public can not see you face to face, so they are looking at your words – reading them and deciding then and there what kind of person you are.

  • Try to keep your comment to a reasonable amount of words. I myself have been guilty of using too many words, so try to look back at what you wrote and cut out the less important parts. I am working on this hint for my comments 🙂

  • Do not ever use the same comment over and over for different blogs, different post but same blogs……change your wording because other wise you are not really commenting.

  • Make sure that what you say makes sense.

  • Double check that what you are writing will not be taken the wrong way. Sometimes you could say one thing, and the next person to reading it could take it a completely different way. I know that this is a balancing act because you could think that what you have said is not offensive, but sometimes it can seem offensive for another.

  • Never ever swear. If you were at a business meeting, and you had your boss in the room with you, think about how you would speak then?

  • Re-read the blog twice, or more if needed, to really get the understanding of the blog. That will help you to keep your comment based on what the blog is about.

  • Ask questions to the blog owner. It lets the blog owner know that you have read the post, and it will also interact with other readers/blog commenters!

I could keep on going with tips and hints……But this post is becoming too long so I will continue in my next post on how “To Comment Or Not Comment”!

Have you got any thoughts about how to comment?


Lisa Wood.

  1. I always comment. If the blogger takes the time to help me I certainly want to thank them for it as well as let them know someone is always reading their work 🙂

    Hi Lisa. I love your site and look forward to continuing my lessons which you are teaching me and others.

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Sarah,

      Thank you for your comment!! I am glad you took the time to stop on by here and leave your thoughts.


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