To Comment Or Not To Comment Continued

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Sean Rasmussen, Woodys House
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To Comment On Blogs, Or Not To Comment Part 2.

To see part One click here. I am continuing on from yesterday post of to Comment on a blog when you stop on by, or to not comment.

  • Because you are not able to use your body language like you would face to face, write with a tone of voice. Sounds weird, but think about how you are feeling? Are you feeling Sad, Happy, Angry, Pleased? Because those feeling will come through with your message.

  • Are you not sure what the blog is trying to say? If unsure, then ask a family member or friend to read the blog and brain storm together what you think the blog post is based on. If still not sure (or you are home alone!) then good old goggle is your answer.

  • Try to use a spell check on your blog. Especially if you are like me, and write your post at midnight, then double check your post with spell check because there are bound to be spelling errors.

  • Have your profile out there, with links back to your blog/website? People like to find out who you are and if you have a link back to your website then you can be checked out !!! (almost like a first date).

  • Sometimes it best not to say anything in your comment, just a short but sweet comment lets the writer of the blog know you care. Again its a fine line, because you really do not want to seem like a spammer but also saying “great blog, will be back” is too short.

  • Have fun with comments. Sound like an interesting person. Boring comments will get over looked.

Hope that helps you with understanding on “How To Comment Or Not Comment”. If you have any other ideas that I did not think to write here please Comment Below 🙂


Lisa Wood.

PS:- I have learnt a lot from one Internet Marketer who is the best of the best in every way. I woud like to say thank you to Sean Rasmussen. Please stop on by his Blogs and leave your comments. Click here to meet one of the best Aussie Internet Marketers.


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