And She Scores

Posted: March 23, 2010 in Law Of Attraction
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Today I scored 🙂

At My nursing course today I had an exam. I was so very nervous, actually I was having a New Feeling. It’s the first exam I have since highschool, which was way back in the ancient times (according to my kids!)

I had 10 questions that I had to complete on one Unit of work. There is over 12 weeks of Units to studying in our course, with a Unit being a different subject each week….so I am going to be reading until Christmas – If only I had that time frame. We are learning a certificate that could easily take six months to complete.


I think I passed the exam. I so wish I could find out before next week but they have to take them home and mark each exam paper. Considering there is about 30 in a class that is a lot of reading for one teacher.

Now I have finished one exam, I think next week there is another one. I am getting worried about tomorrow (ops what’s a positive word I can use)….I am getting a different feeling about tomorrow. We are asked to take clothes in tomorrow that we can put on over our clothes. And to have our grooming equipment – hair brush, rollers etc. We are all going to practice dressing each other. You should have seen all of our faces 😦 It is so funny when she said “Bring in your P.J’s” Most of us spoke up and said that we go to be without P.J’s!!! I am not sure what I am going to take in yet.

Then on Thursday we are heading off to our first Nursing Home visit, so that we can see how a Nursing home is set up, and how busy they get 🙂

Oh I am in for some exciting times.

What did you do today? Did you reach for the stars or reached the moon.


Lisa Wood.


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