A New Test

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Staying Motivated, Woodys House
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Tomorrow Is Another Day, But Its A Day Like No Other.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which in its self is nothing different from week to week. There is always a Tuesday in each week, unless you are Rat In A Hat from Bananas n Pyjamas and hide that Day!! What is different is the fact that I am going to be doing my first exam for nursing.

My first exam since I left school which was over .. years ago (oh ok – it was about 20 years ago!) I have not been back to study a course since then. I have been raising my gorgeous family since leaving school and have not looked back.

I have studied many different wealth creation courses over the last three years and have been using many different courses to make money…..but there was never a sit down and answer questions test.

So tomorrow I head to Caloundra for my New Test. It’s more than just a simple test to answer questions. It’s a Test to see if I can study, and learn to study hard because this nursing course is a stepping stone towards my passion. I have a burning desire, a desire so deep and big that I have always wanted to follow through on but have never had the chance until now. I am going to be looking into studying as a Midwife. Saying it aloud gets me excited. I have always wanted to be a midwife and now I am following my heart 🙂

What are you doing in your life that is giving you a New Test?

Love to hear from you on your life choices.


Lisa Wood.


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