What Does Meeting Two New People Mean?

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Surprises, Woodys House
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How Has The Universe Provided For Us NOW?

Yesterday David was in Brisbane for a Wealth Creation Conference, which he has returned to today. I normally try to go with him, so that we are learning together but this time I had to stay home. Which is going to be fine because the company that is hosting the conference has a little bonus for all participates that attend the two days – they are going to be sending out a taped copy from the whole weekend 🙂

Last night David could not return home via a train until really late. He was waiting at Caboolture Station (actually he was across the road at C.J’s Pastry!) from 7.30pm and another train was not coming until 9.30pm. I was worried about the long wait so I decided to bundle two of our boys into the car and drive the 30 minutes to pick him up.

When I got to the cafe David was talking to two amazing people. He asked me if we had room for two more people in the car. Luckily I had decided to only bring two of our boys! So two new friends hoped into our car for a lift.

As we were driving we got to talking. Turns out the couple are from Blackwater and are down for the weekend. Interesting enough they both were miners. That got my interest. David actually knew the companies that they were talking about, and likewise they knew the mining town from where we used to live. Its a very interesting time for us at the moment because we are meeting so many different new friends who are playing a part in our life. So I was sitting in the car and wondering what the universe was providing for us this time 🙂

As we were driving the man – I will call him Bob as I want to respect his privacy – Bob noticed our oil gauge in the car was down far too low, actually it was at the lowest it can ever go. So David pulled over and checked the oil stick. It had some oil on the stick but not enough to get us home. Luckily for us the petrol station was less than 5 minutes away. As soon as we got there David jumped out and purchased oil. It was really good because we had wanted to put the car into service for sometime but were not sure where to take it. I asked Bob if he knew anyone in the area to take the car to. He was happy to inform that Beerwah has a guy that he knows and recommends to friends/family. Fantastic – our car can now be booked in and we can feel easy that they will do the job we are wanting 🙂

We soon arrived at the Sports ground and exchanged numbers. They wanted to return the favour of dropping them off by taking David into Brisbane tomorrow. Bob and his mate were going to a fishing show so David gratefully accepted a lift into Brisbane. That was so much easier for us, because I did not have to drive him into Caboolture to catch a train. Was that why wewere destined to meet these true Australians? Were they introduced to us that we could see how Australians like to return good will? I think we were meant to meet them both for very good reasons. Reasons that will be shown to us over time.

So What Does Meeting Two New People Mean To You?

It means a lot to us. It shows us that there are people out there with the same values as us, and that we are all here in this world for a reason 🙂

Here’s To Your New Friendships Created Every Day.


Lisa Wood.


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