Married 15 Years

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Woodys House
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Yesterday Was Our 15th Wedding Anniversary….

On Thursday (yesterday) David and I celebrated 15 years of Marriage. How was the last 15 Years for the Woody House? Here are a few things that have happened (short version or I would be here forever!)

  • We got Married on 18th March 1995

  • Hayden (our oldest) was already 8 months old – he was born in 17th June 2004.

  • We moved shortly afterwards to Sunny Queensland

  • Our First Town to move to was Moranbah – a small mining town 2 hours out of Mackay

  • In November 1995 Zachery was born

  • After a few short years in Moranbah we decided to move to Mackay.

  • In December (New Years Eve) 1998 we had Nicholas. Gosh was that a New Years Eve Present šŸ™‚

  • When Nicholas was under 2 years of age we moved to Clontarf (A suburb near Redcliffe).

  • In November 2001 Cameron was born.

  • In September 2002 we brought our first home at D’aguilar

  • Over seven years we renovated our old Queenslander. It was the oldest house in the area (over 110 years old). It took a lot of tears, hard work, laughs and good times.

  • Three years ago we took a different Journey. A journey on our Path To Prosperity. It has been the best decision of our married life.

  • Late last year we madeĀ another great decisionĀ – we finished renovating our house and sold it. We actually sold our house for more than the Real Estate thought we could get for it.

  • We moved to the area on the Sunshine Coast called Glasshouse Mountains.

  • Last Week I started my lifelong dream to be a nurse and enrolled in a 12 week course.

  • David is working from home as Stock Trader.

  • I am learning more and more about the Internet every single day and loving it.

wondering What 2010 holds in store for us?Ā  Actually I know that 2010 is going to bigger and better than ever šŸ™‚

I am so looking forward to experiencing all that I am asking for, inviting to our lives and receiving. This is going to be the best journey of a life time. Hope you can benefit from us along the way. Stay tuned for what’s in store for us in 2010.

Happy Anniversary Dave, I love you heaps.


Lisa Wood.


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