To Study Or Chase Your Dreams….

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a midwife. Its been a life long dream of mine. One that I have never looked at chasing.

Until now.

Today I started my Nursing Course for Certificate 3. The course goes for 12 weeks on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. In the last three weeks of the course I will be out on the job training at a facility that takes all of us that are studying. Usually when we are finished our three-week placement training all of the group will be offered a job within the facility we are training at (or that is the hope!!)

I will then be Studying for my Certificate 4 in and around working. As soon as I have completed the Certificate 4 I will be taking further studies. I want to get as many skills behind me as possible so that next year I can start my study to train to be a midwife.

I have realised lately that I am not too old to start to study, and can still chase my dreams and my passion. Life is for the living.

I have been following a blog for the last week to learn more about the internet and within that blog I have come across a quote that I am printing out and placing around the house – I hope Sean Rasmussen does not mind that I am pinching one of his quotes!!!

“A quitter Never Wins – and a Winner Never Quits”

If are looking for a mentor and someone to teach you the ropes of the internet then click on this link Sean Rasmussen.

You Will Be Surprised To Learn That You Are Never Too Old To Study, Nor Too Old To Chase Your Dreams.

Here’s To Your Success…..whatever your dreams are 🙂

Lisa Wood.


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