Posted: March 8, 2010 in To Good Health
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There are many ways to give…

Giving can be done in so many ways, it amazes me to think how many different ways there are out there to giving…

  • Time – that is one major way to share, and give

  • Money – Probably the easier way to give is to give money, because once you hand the money over its done,

  • Love – giving with love is the most powerful – it is the strongest form of giving.

  • Sharing – sharing what you already have is also another great way to give.

  • Mind – sharing knowledge leads to many wonderful experiences and would have to be close to being as strong as love, maybe even stronger.

  • Arms – holding out your arms is a great way to give, a touch means so very much

  • Smiles – give one out and see how many you get back

  • Eyes – kind eyes are the window to your soul…..Give a glance with kind eyes and be rewarded for ever more

  • Laughter – a good laugh sure beats a good cry

  • Listening – take the time to really listen – with both ears

  • Understand – giving is so much better when you understand the other person completely

  • Turning up – saying that you will be there and keeping to your word.

  • Sending out thoughts – sending out kind thoughts to another person can be felt

How Many other ways do you give?

Looking back on today I gave – time, love, laughter, smiles, hugs, kisses BUT could have given so much more.

I will be making more of an effort to give from now on as it feels so VERY good inside to give


Lisa Wood.

  1. You seem to make some very good points, wish there were more blogs like yours.

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