Writing With Passion

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Woodys House
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Have Always wanted to Write A Book….

From such a young age I have wanted to write a book. I love to read…..give me any book and I will be so engrossed in the book that I will forget what is going on around me, and the house work is so forgotten 🙂

luckily for me that my boys like to read as well, that gives me a chance to share my passion and to get the boys to quiet down by having reading time. I can also get quiet time.

Lately I have been asking and receiving with the Law of Attraction. I visualize my dreams and goals, and within days and weeks and I am receiving.

So the other day I was saying to hubby that I would love to write a book. I have this huge passion to sit and write….the words are inside of me waiting to come out.

Then that very afternoon I received an email from a wonderful lady that I have met awhile back, asking for members of her website to submit a chapter for an ebook. BINGO. Sounds spooky and impossible, but its true. Was speaking about it and then there is the opportunity.

I took the challenge and added a chapter to the book. SO fingers crossed the chapter is accepted and I have my first experience of writing a book.

There are many different books still inside of me waiting to burst through, and I am thinking about biting the bullet and writing it. If  I do go ahead and put pen to paper, it will be under another name……I will be a “ghost” writer because I am a private person by nature and the book might not be to every ones taste. We shall see….but then again no one will know that I wrote it because my name will not be on it? Mmm lots to think about.

Looking forward to Writing  with Passion, and making this my next goal.

What would you write about?




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