Over The Moon

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Law Of Attraction
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This is a poem in response to a poem that I wrote the other day “Are you Mad At Me?”….

Over The Moon

The other day i wrote about you

letting all my feelings out and voicing

my sorrow for you

You who has lost the path It seemed

My words seem to reach you, because the very next day

you returned home from School with a smile and a hug

It was such a sweet moment that I wanted to squeeze you

so very tightly within my embrace for a while or more

I was so over the moon now that you were out of your gloom

Not sure what made you turn around

do not understand why you can hang your head down

so very low.

BUT so very glad to catch a glimpse of the boy I once knew.

So very much over the moon

to see that my sweet little one is still

inside of the man you are quickly becoming

Your Smile, Your embrace, Your loving grace

was out in full force – briefly

I was given an insight to the real you that is hidden inside

I was over the Moon.

Please let us see more of the happy you, your gorgeous side

and I will be happy for ever more because

Darling I really love you.
Over the Moon.


Do you have teenage children? Hang in there because the days get better and the hormones start to settle down.

Thank you so very much for letting me share my thoughts with you.


Lisa Wood


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