Setting New Goals

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Staying Motivated, Woodys House
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Goal Setting In The WoodysHouse…….

We are setting some really huge goals in our house at the moment, between Hubby David and I

  • I have joined the gym last Thursday and have set a target to reach my goal weight by my birthday which is in June 🙂

  • David is researching and gathering knowledge on his passion – trading.

  • We are both studying a Real Estate Property package so that by the end of the year we have numerous investment properties that are great cash cows

  • Renovating a caravan for our oldest to have his own space

  • Doing a Ute up so that David has his car the way he wants

  • Taking Massive action in our house.

  • I am writing a chapter for a book 🙂

Finding Balance in our life, with family – work – life – fun and sex is going to be challenge this year, one I am really looking forward to.

Have you set your goals – or need to look at re-setting your goals?

Add your thoughts and ideas, share what goals you have for the year…..

I will be keeping you all updated with my weight loss goal, our property goal, David’s trading and how we fit all of this and so much more into one year with five woody boys as well!!

Here’s to your year being the best ever

Lisa Wood.


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