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Posted: February 26, 2010 in Law Of Attraction
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Today Was A Day Out For Me….

As a Mum to five boys it is very rare for me to have a day out of the house without the boys. I usually have at least one boy where ever I go, if not more. To have a day without boys and without Hubby, is amazing.

I went to the movies with a great friend and got to see “From Paris With Love”.

It was a great movie, and very funny, with lots of twists and turns. It had way more gun fighting in it then I would normally like, but it had a sex appeal with John Tavolta new look – no hair and I am not normally attracted to facial hair but that beard says it all.


The day was a good one, I even joined a gym !!! I went down to the local gym and decided to join with paying for 12 months membership.

That way I know that I have to keep going, I have paid upfront and to make the most out of membership I have set a huge goal. I want to be at my ideal weight by my Birthday in June THIS year….

I will also being taking photos along the way so I keep myself motivated, and hold myself accountable.

HERE is to the new me for 2010 – this feels like our year in every way. Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Loving, Successful all round in the Woodys House.

What was your day like?


Lisa Wood.


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