Why Are You So Mad At Me?

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Law Of Attraction
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Last night I was thinking of all these poems that I have that I want to write about – so bear with me because here is my first one that came to me…… – I am dedicating this poem to teenage years šŸ™‚

Why Are You So Mad At Me?

Why do you do what you do?

There is no answer from me for you…

I wonder who you are, and who you have become

Because there once was a day when

you used to say hello to me,

with a hug and with lots of smiles from you to me.

Now when you return from school,

its with your head down low and no hello.

Yet when I ask you why you are so glum,

you will not answer your Mum.

If only I could get into your head space

to find our what is going on and what you want to say,

instead I stare at a shadow of what once was my child,

and wonder what has become of you.

You only frown or glare around,

instead of speaking sentences you say a word or two if I am lucky

Mostly you grunt, maybe you mumble and when you do speak

its without any thought to those close by.

Why Are You So Mad At Me?

Or is it the whole wide world that you are

directing the new you to?

Please tell me how I can help you?

Because I love who you are, I love who you were, I love who you can become

but I do not understand who you are today, tomorrow or yesterday.

Oh the teenage years are so few, so please hurry up, send

your hormones away so that I can have the real you back in my arms

Back to the smiling sweet little you

Only taller, stronger and prouder you can become

if these terrible times are all over soon

I will be one happy Mum!!!


This is dedicated to one of my woody boy who is going through teenage years, I hope and pray that its over soon – am I the only Mum going through this?

Please let me know if you are going through the ups and downs of a teenage child, would love to hear from other Mums who can feel and understand where I am coming from!!!


Lisa Wood.

  1. wordwand says:

    a lovely poe, though a bit sad .it’s really hard for a mother to mose contact with her child and to be dubious about what’s going on in his/her head.in general , a fluent poem.I love it.

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