Its So Very Sad

Posted: February 23, 2010 in 21 st Century Parenting
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The Past Two Weeks have been too sad….Australia Has felt the biggest lost the last two weeks…

Lately I have noticed freaky accident after freaky accident. A boy stabbed at a school – RIP Elliot Fletcher.

A toddler drowns at a family farm – RIP little one.

Three young men fall of a cliff at Point Cartwright (which I still find its hard to believe) – RIP the three of you taken way too soon.

At lastly the Beautiful little 8 year old girl at Bundaberg, taken far too soon. RIP Trinity Leigh Bates – may you be flying with the angels and be safe for ever more.

Not sure if its a full moon – or its a crazy weird time of the year. Whatever it is please pray for all those families and friends that are affected here in Australia the last two weeks.

Make sure you give your loved ones a extra hug, an extra kiss, and lots of “I love you” messages so that they can feel loved.

REST IN PEACE little ones, may you know how much you are loved from your families, and how much we all think about you. If there was one thing I could say to comfort those that have lost their precious ones – You will be in my heart for ever more.

PLEASE take care. Make the most memories with your family. Treasure the little times, the great times, the fun times. Make more memories. Stay Safe where ever you are, what ever you are doing. You are loved, You are important. You mean the world to your family. Take Care – live each day like it is your last. My thoughts, My Prayers, My Love is sent to those that are in need.

My Heart breaks to hear of events that should not be happening.

Here is a poem that I wrote for families that have lost those that are gone too soon……..

“Sweet Dreams, Stay Safe For ever more”

You were here yesterday

You are gone today

I can not understand how that can be,

so today I shed a tear, a million tears

Please know that I wish I could kiss you

even for just one more time

Hear your laughter, See your smile

Have your arms around me for awhile

If I could get one more hug from you I would

If I could swap places with you – you must know I would

Life was so very good when you were about

Now that you are gone, My life is without

Please Little one, Know how much I loved you.

Please Little one, Know that I will never forget you – I will say your name

every night, every day

I will always carry you close to my heart

Today, Tomorrow, The Next Day Will Never Be the same now that you a angel from above

Please Angel Baby feel my love for you from afar

See my tears and know that they are for you

For my love is stronger but my heart is broken into two

The day you became an angel was a day like no other

Together again we will be one day

Until that Day Please Baby Angel Feel My love from Afar.

Sweet Dreams Little One, Stay Safe for evermore.


Please accept this song and my thoughts of the families that have lost this week. May you be comforted in some way that you are not alone, and that Australians and the world are thinking of you….

Please take care, family and friends, loved ones and all.

My prayers are with you all.

Lisa Wood.

Until then My little Angel

  1. gorillabuns says:

    not sure why all this sadness has to happen.

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