Lunch Like The Rich

Posted: February 22, 2010 in To Good Health
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Today Hubby And I Had Lunch Like The Rich And Famous

Seen as how it was Monday and all five Woody Boys are at school, David and I decided to have lunch. Not just a quick bite at a Take away, and off we go.

But real lunch – at a real nice cafe in Caloundra.

We actually sat at a Table, had our lunch served to us at the table. With real food – not the fast food yucky food that goes straight thru you because its loaded with too many preservatives. I opted for the vegetarian menu, and good old David went for the meat menu.

It was so very nice to sit and eat – without Kids interrupting us – without having to remind the boys on how to eat with table manners.

It was nice – but at the same time it was weird. Not sure how to explain the feeling. I enjoy having time out with my boys, and love to spend time eating out with them but today was different. It was relaxing, and the food was so very yummy. I had Vegetable Stack – a quiche with veges, and pumpkin salad. David had bushmans burger – which I must say was big enough for two. The burger even came with chips which David left because it was too much to eat.

It felt like we were having lunch like the rich and famous.

If that is how the rich have lunch every day – at a cafe near the beach, I can handle that ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe throw in a bit of shopping and I will be one happy girl. Speaking of shopping – I was in a shop while David was getting money out of the ATM. I was looking at some really gorgeous dresses when I over heard a lady talking to the shop owner. About how she was spending up big with her soon to be ex-husband credit card. She was going to spend as much money as she could before the divorce came through.ย  I was so shocked by her words, her actions and was thinking to myself “Why did he not cancel the credit cards”!!!! Wow was that women so very spoilt in her ways, and she is in for one shock when she no longer has hubby to turn to for spending money.

I am going to return to Caloundra again, and sure will be going back to that gorgeous cafe again. It felt so very good to be eating healthy and is a great way to start on my path to having a healthier lifestyle.

Love To Eat Like The Rich ๐Ÿ™‚

How was your day?


Lisa Wood


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