Gosh Was Today A Day and Half….

Saturday – So here goes a quick run day on my day in Woodys House

  1. Wake at 5.45 am to the alarm…

  2. Sleep another 10 minutes – got home so late last night after seeing Don Tolman

  3. Wake and dress quickly

  4. Grab a drink of water and a apple

  5. Rush out the door with our oldest boy because he has to be at his high school by 6.20am

  6. Drive the 25 minute drive to Caboolture and he is too early

  7. Wait to make sure he gets on the bus – in case Cricket has been canceled

  8. Drive home – not sure how I got home!!

  9. Go back to bed for another hour

  10. Wake to hear the boys all fighting because no one is up to see them getting ready.

  11. Hubby is in so much pain because his tooth that broke off last week is now infected and his mouth is two sizes bigger than it should be.

  12. Tell him that he needs to get seen to asap as he does not look good. He rings his Dentist at Bribie Island.

  13. Organise the house/boys and out the door by 11.00 as David has an appointment at Bribie Island Dentist for 12.00

  14. Take the four boys down to the beach. Leave grumpy Zachery to his own device because “I hate how you make me go to the beach. I hate how I have to get out of the car. Why couldn’t I stay home today. Why do you make me do everything I don’t want to do?” …..I walk off thinking Oh the joys of teenagers.

  15. Spend the best time in the water with three youngest Woody Boys. The Waves are that hard and fast that we are carried to the shore laughing and screaming. Took Baby Woody out with me, and he was laughing with how the waves kept going over my head and spraying him in the face.

  16. Got a text message from Hubby to say he was ready to be picked up, they managed to take the tooth out even though it broke into four pieces šŸ˜¦

  17. Quickly got the boys out of the water, and showered and into the car…..with so many “Oh please can we stay and play 2 minutes more. Can we come back after picking up Daddy?” – they were having so much fun swimming in the ocean – we love the beach šŸ™‚

  18. Went to the shopping center to look at buying Bikes for Hayden, Zachery, and Nicholas. David decided to brave it and come with us….he was so very sore, and his face was a mess….

  19. We made our purchases, and brought soft serve ice cream for David to slowly slurp down!!!

  20. Went to the Back Dock and picked up our bikes

  21. Raced Home – un packed the car

  22. Made Dinner….ran out of gas for the BBQ so had to cook inside so Dinner was super late

  23. Feed the boys….David too sore to eat so went back to bed.

  24. Gave them fruit salad for Dessert.

  25. Sat down to give Kyle a cuddle. Listening to Cameron on the phone to his grandparents. Nicholas was in his room. Zachery was playing on his laptop and not sure where Hayden was (either the shower or on his laptop). David was sound asleep.

  26. Got woken up by David taking Kyle out of my arms at 11.00 pm!!!

  27. Trying to clean the house/write my blog

  28. Going to crawl into bed just after 12.30 am šŸ™‚

All in the day of Woodys house

GOSH hope tomorrow is a slower one !!!




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