Going To Brisbane

Posted: February 19, 2010 in To Good Health, Woodys House
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Going To Brisbane With All The WOODY BOYS…..

Tomorrow night we are off to Brisbane to see Don Tolman, the whole foods specialist. David and I have seen him before, but we only took one boy with us – Cameron.

Friday night we are going to take all five of them!!! I need our boys to hear and see a great icon who believes about eating healthy. So that the Woody boys can understand why we do not have junk food in our Woody House.

We do not have any pre-packed food. We keep away from colours, preservatives and any other nasty food additives so that they are all eating healthy. Much to the disgust of our second oldest boy.

Zac – “Why can’t we have normal food like all my friends…..Why can’t we have a T.V. or D.V.D player. What about a play station or a Wii? Why do we have to be so abnormal”?

I laugh. I laugh so hard that tears are nearly rolling down my face.

NORMAL? No thanks – if that is what is considered normal then I rather have our weird family. We do not have chips, lollies, muesli bars, chocolate or any other harmful food for their lunches. Actually my fantastic hubby makes all of the yummy snacks for their lunches. Things like Anzac Biscuits, Date loaf, Apple crumble slice….and many other yummy tasting food.

So I am really looking forward to the boys hear from Don Tolman. And its in Brisbane. I love going into the city at night. TO have all my family coming with me…..I am very excited. It is also at the Hilton which is a beautiful building. So tomorrow night will be a real treat.

I love our weird and wonderful Woody House.

What about you? Do you live the weird way too….love to hear from you and see what your beliefs are!!!

Here’s to a Wonderful Fun Filled Weekend coming up.

Lisa Wood.


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