Where Do I Begin?

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Moving House
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Where Do I Begin To Update You All?

Since I have been offline our lives have been interesting….

So here is a quick point by point break down of what has happened in the Woodys House

Moving Tales…..

  • We moved on the Saturday 23rd January because we had to be out by the 25th January!!

  • The truck we wanted fell through due to paper work issues, and there was no time to fix it due to being a weekend

  • We borrowed a friends trailer but it broke down on Saturday afternoon after the second load

  • We finished moving on the Sunday 24th January via a Horse Float!!!

  • I cleaned the rest of our old house, and the stove in record time on the Sunday.

  • Monday – I returned the Horse Float to our friend and handed in our keys to the house.

  • Tuesday we noticed a leak in our family car so now it needs to be put in for service!!!

  • David was pulled over the week before we moved by the police and had a check for his omission in his exhaust, which passed with flying colours so then they picked on everything and anything and now his car front wind screen needs to be replaced.

  • Our phone could not be connected because the old line was still connected.

  • Our gorgeous pet guinea pigs did not make the move, and passed away on Tuesday (Australia Day) and so we had to bury them out the back

  • We have finally almost finished unpacking all of the boxes that needs to be unpacked – except for a few that I think I will leave packed (just paper work).

  • David has gone done to Sydney this weekend for a conference, for which I am so excited about. He is going to be learning all about investing in Real Estate, especially in how to Invest in America.

  • I have started some new drops that I am taking to help with Detoxing my system…will let you know how I go and with the results of using the drops in the coming weeks!!!!

We are almost Settled….

We are almost back to normal with our Woody Boys

We are almost feeling like we are home in our new Woodys house….

I will get some photos organized, and as soon as David returns home with my brand new video camera that he is buying in Sydney I will put together a video!!!

Here’ s to hearing about your week?

Lisa Wood


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