Never Ever Again Will I post here about NOT seeing a doctor!!!

Within days of one of my last postings two of my boys have come down really sick…..

BUT let me explain – our youngest Woody Boy has come down with a chest infection, with high temperatures. So I took him to the Doctors and had a full examination as I was so concerned with how he kept telling me that his neck & legs were sore. It turns out that with all his coughing he has torn a muscle and that is why his neck is sore. His legs are aching because of the pain of throwing up, and having to fight the infection. The doctor listened to his chest, checked out his throat and felt his head/legs – and came to the conclusion that it is a viral infection that should be better within a few days.

So VERY glad…just wished I could take his pain away for him.


Our Oldest is at a Army Cadet Camp where they have all been infected with some nasty bug, and Cadet Wood ends up in Hospital. Mind you the hospital is hours away, with a sick baby (by the way he is my baby even if he is four years old!!!)  and moving house I have not had much sleep in the last three days.

It was decided over the phone that Hayden was best left at the hospital in the care of the doctors so that he could be given a drip/medicine to help with the vomiting bug. I spoke with Army Offices, who were in Charge, and they re-assured me he was doing better now that his temperature was brought down.

Then today I get the news that Hayden is coming home. I rang David at work and arranged for him to drive down to Enoggera to pick up Hayden.  I thought he was to arrive at the Camp by 12pm – 1.00pm but along the way they were delayed because more kids on the bus became infected. I totally freaked out because all the parents that were there to pick up their kids were told that they had contacted Norovirus which is highly contagious.

I rang the hospital that Hayden had been at, and got to speak with the nurse/doctors that had seen to Hayden. They are yet to confirm what the virus is… I called back the Army Officer that I spoke with at the beginning of our drama.

YEP – he needs to be in isolation for 48 hours until the bug is out of his system…..because they are not sure what is going on with the cadets, only that it is a REALLY DANGEROUS bug, and is taking out men like flys….

PERFECT – we are moving.

PERFECT- I already have one woody boy sick

PERFECT – NOW I have two that are not to be in contact with at all.

OH MY GOSH – how am I to move, keep my baby safe, keep a eye on Hayden and stay SANE!!!!

Looking forward to next week where I can relax on out the back on the deck of our next house….Will get some photos asap.

Please think of my boys this weekend and fingers crossed the bug stops with only Hayden!!!


Lisa Wood


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