The Universe Answered My Prayers

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Moving House
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The Law Of Attraction Worked In The Woodys House….

Today the universe Answered MY Prayers…We applied for another house this morning, again at Glass House Mountains and within three hours we got the phone call to say yes. Love the Law Of Attraction.

Boy was I over glad, no more looking for houses on the internet, no more taking the kids out for a drive, no more having to search…fill in forms…prove who we are….answer to real estate agencies!!!!

WE are on the move to the Glass House Mountains.

As soon as we hear from the owner when it is suitable for us to move in, that’s is when we are gone. Anyway we have to be out by the 25th of January regardless so the sooner the better.

Actually I received a surprise visit today. The new owner is a Mum and her grown son!! They have brought the house (or more to the point she has!!) and they are moving in together. Do you want to know the really weirdest thing ever? He rented this house over seven years ago, prior to us buying the house. Does that really freak you out? Sure freaks me out. So he pops in today….

Then the really freaky surprise was he thought the settlement date had been brought forward to the 20th January, Oh My God NO we have not heard that it was brought forward, and if so then they are going to have to take the house as is. Because I sure won’t have time to move, clean, pack and have the yard ready before two days time….so not happening.

Its cutting it fine if we have to be out by the 25th!! The 20th…..Oh boy will I be stressed!!!

So looking forward to moving our lives forward, and looking forward to achieving all of our goals for 2010. What about You? Come on let me know what you are up to?

Happy Days….Oh Happy Days, The Universe Has Answered My Prayers, We are Moving To Our Next Woodys House 🙂


Lisa Wood.


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