Doctor? What Doctor?

Posted: January 12, 2010 in To Good Health
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Doctor ? What Doctor…We Believe In Natural Methods

We as a family have not been to the Doctors in over a year…..actually I can not remember the last time we did have to go to the doctors?

Yes…Yes I can. I took Kyle to the Doctors way back half way through the year of 2009 because he was bruising a bit too much when he was falling over.

He had all the test (blood test) for anything and everything and it was all good. I think he just takes after me. I bruise very easily. I was tested as a young child and all my tests came back fine.

If any of our boys are sick we turn to natural or alternative medicine….Its really easy to do.

My Husband has a book about Herbs and how to use different ways to look around what is in the garden or in the fridge to help with any of our problems.

I am not saying Don’t go to Doctors…..because that would be consider totally against what I am allowed to say. I am not a Doctor, and I can not tell you what to do….but I can give you a insight into our way of living.

Take Garlic for example…..Its an amazing healing property. We use it in all of our cooking as much as possible…and if any of the boys have a slight head cold then we will cut one up and get them to swallow it with water.

Another good source of nutrients are onions…..They make the best of any meal, adding flavour but also helping with congestion. Onion soup helps for any cough….our kids will even have the soup so it can’t be that bad!!!

Even ear infections can be eased with out having to use Medicine over the counter….Again with garlic or onions…

Sounds Weird I know but we have been using Alternative Methods for some time in our house and all of our boys are healthy for it.

When the going gets tough then we turn to our health drink, increasing the dosage and increasing the amount of times per day that we will have the health drink.

Doctor? What Doctor?

All paper work for schools and children ask for Doctors Details….I am never sure what to write their because we don’t go regularly to a doctor. I normally put down a medical center that is close to our house because at least there is something filled out on the form!!!

What about your family? Do you have a Doctor that you see on regular basis or do you practice alternative methods like we do?

Love to hear your thoughts.


PS:- I am in no way a specialist…I have no formal University training but I am a Mum concerned for our health. I in no way recommend you to follow our families views….this is just my opinion and sharing my thoughts. Please make your own informed decisions.

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