Do You Know What Is In Your Bread?

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Fit and Healthy
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Have you really looked at the packaging from Bread?

Next time you shop for bread, stop for a moment and look on the back. Have a really good look…..

You will be surprised how much is added to bread to keep it fresher for longer. Not every day ingredients that are really needed in bread.

Are you raising Boys? Then you should be really worried about your loaf of bread. We as a family of Five Woody Boys have noticed whenever they have bread that has 282, it is so very noticeable within hours 🙂

There is one ingredient that we always have to stay away from no matter what. I won’t actually buy the bread (even if its the last one left in the shop). Beside all the other ingredients, like additive, colours and flavours….282 is our number one priority. If the bread has Preservative 282 then I will put it back onto the shelf. Not familiar with the Preservative 282 and what to know more? Here is a detailed fact sheet 282 for you to decide.

Take Fruit Bread for example…..

There are many different brands out there and some are about as natural as you can get, beside the fruit being preserved so its not natural….while there are so many added different ingredients that it is just plain scary. WHY do they have to add so many nasty numbers to bread? To make it last longer, or to make it taste better? Who knows….I just know that I am always on the look out for what our family is eating.

ARE YOU AWARE of the dangerous of food?

If so let me know your thoughts….or am I the only one concerned about my families health? I like to shop from the bread shop where the bread is made daily, or go to major shop that states “No added Preservative 282” on the label.

Here’s to staying healthier and happier longer.

Lisa Wood.

PS:- I am not a doctor, nor a scientist or studied at university. BUT I am a concerned Mother of five boys and I can read. I have read many books on the subject, and have used Google as my search engine. Please accept this blog as my personal thoughts and beliefs. You have a right to make up your own mind!!




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