Do You Ever Wonder?

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Woodys House
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Do You EVER Wonder What Life Is All About?

How you ever sat down and wonder what life is all about?

Why you were born? What your purpose in life is all about? What great things can you achieve in this life time because you only get one chance with the life you have?

Or is it just me?

Some days I question what life is really all about? And Why I was ever born? Does that sound weird to you? Do you ever have these deep thoughts?

I have them regularly and I feel like there is a BIG reason why I was born. I am not sure what that reason was about? I am not sure what I was born to achieve BUT I have a very deep feeling that I am not achieving all that I can in this world. I feel like I was born to make something worthwhile out of my life. I have had that feeling from a very young age.

Was it a feeling that I was born with? Or was it a feeling that was taught to me?

How Do I EVER work out what I am meant to be doing? I have heard so many people tell me “Just follow your passion and life will work out”. Gosh if I was ever paid for every time some one told me that I would be a millionaire by now. I can understand they mean well. I get that. What I don’t get is “What the HELL is my passion?”.

Oh I know its raising my five Woody boys into Five FINE Woody Men.

That to me is easy. That is a easy stroll through the park. So many other parents/people are so very shocked when I tell them that I have five boys. Why? Why so shocked when I say that I have five boys?

Its like it is a disease or something. Well its not. And please do not get me started on how when I first meet someone they ask me how many boys I really have!!!

New Person :- “What? How many boys do you have?”

Mum to Woody boys:- “Five” (with a big smile on my face)

New Person:- “Oh you poor thing. You didn’t get your girl. You must go back and try again to get the recipe right”.

Mum to Woody Boys:- “Oh I am not poor. I am very lucky. I have five HEALTHY loving boys. I am so very lucky”.

That usually leaves them speechless when I walk away. Like they think I am mad or something 🙂

So for The Year 2010 I am working on finding me. Finding out what I am meant to be doing with my life. Finding the real me.

What about you? What are you doing for YEAR 2010? Come on share your thoughts with me. I wont bite:)

Lisa Wood.


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