Where We Are Going To Next

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Moving House
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Where We Are Going To Next…..

On Friday Night David and I got some much needed time out without five woody boys. It was so very nice, and the boys all behaved so really well that we are planning on doing it again sometime soon.

After speaking we have decided on what/where our life is heading to next.

So today, in spite of the heavy rain we drove up to check out our new area. We have decided on Buderim as being the best place to move our boys to.

It seems like such a nice area…The schools seem really nice and we are looking forward to moving the Woodys House hold to a area that is still close to the beach, close to everything that we need to be close to.

While we are living there we (By that I mean David) is going to be fixing up a bus. We are going to buy a bus that has not been completed so that David can build the inside to the way he wants it to be. I can only imagine how gorgeous the bus is going to be once its finished. Being the perfectionist that he is it will be one in a million bus.

That is my solution to traveling Australia with five woody boys……I would prefer to travel now but waiting 12 months seems like a better option because we will be more prepared with traveling options and it also gives the boys a year to get used to the idea. Our oldest Hayded is going to be in year 10 in 2010 so I thought by the end of the year (because he breaks up so much early than the others) that we will head off just before Xmas holidays. Giving us at least 10 weeks to travel. That way if we like traveling Australia so much we will keep on going…..

Where We Are Going To Next…..

Who knows where we will ended up next!!!! I think after traveling around Australia we will end up in some gorgeous part of our amazing country. Its so exciting !!

Looking forward to 2010 in the Woodys HOUSE hold. How about you?

Merry Xmas and a safe fun filled happy new Year.

Lisa Wood.


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