The Latest News In The Woodys House

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Moving House
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The Latest News In The Woody’s House

Gosh Time sure fly’s…I am getting really slack with updating on here lately and there really is not a good reason why? Maybe because I am trying like mad to stay sane raising Five Woody boys!

The latest News in our house?

Well We sold our Queenslander house (and got a really good price).

Our settlement date is any where between 17th – 25th January 2010. So we get to have our last Christmas in our house….. I really wanted to move before Xmas, not sure why not even sure that it makes sense to want to move before Xmas but that is what I really wanted to do:)

But That’s Not ALL

And David is thinking about traveling Australia for three Months after Xmas.

But that’s not all – He is thinking about traveling with a tent. With five boys!!! Please tell me how to cope doing that!!

Getting Ready For Xmas

I have finally gotten around to doing all of my Christmas shopping and have wrapped what I can. The rest is on Lay-by (I know I know leaving it really late) which I will pick up next week. I am hoping to get some time to myself to be able to hit the shops with out the boys. We will see.

This year is the first time that I have not been ready for Christmas. Normally I have got it all done before December. But because we had the house on the market I put off buying any presents until we knew what we going to be doing. Now that we are sold I have had to pull my finger out and get ready for fun time.

I really love Christmas. I love the opening of the presents. I love seeing the boys having fun. I love spending time with the boys. I love the food. I love relaxing. I love seeing family (which I want be seeing mine this year because they are not coming up). I just love Christmas.

The younger boys still believe in Santa. I can remember as a young child (about 10) finding out Santa was not real. That was hard for me. So in this house we tell the boys that when they are 12 Santa can not keep coming to them because he gets too busy with all the children in the world. The older boys have accepted that but you can tell that it is hard for them not to spill the beans and let the secret out of the bag and tell the younger three about santa.

Love the innocence of children. Why do they (we) have too lose our childhood innocence? It seems sad, but then it would be very funny to see adults not grown up? Hey but then again some adults do seem like big kids 🙂

Whats been happening in your house? Are you looking forward to Xmas?

Please stay safe this year. Especially on the roads. Stay Awake, and slow down….spend time with love ones on Christmas Day, not via a memory.

Lots of love sent from the Woody’s House to your house.

Lisa Wood.


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