Totally Frustrated

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Law Of Attraction
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Totally Frustrated…

Today I sit and I am not in the best of moods, which I know is not good for me.

But that is what I am feeling.

Totally Frustrated….

We have our house on the market. It is presented to the best of its ability and the Real Estates in the local area all agree that it is the best house in the area for its price.

We have painted.

We have put in a new Oven, New Rangehood.

The laundry is completed.

The Main bedroom looks so yummy with a Natural White Colour.

The Curtains are all done.

The yard is starting to green up with the rain we have been having in the last week.

The garden beds are looking so great, gee my roses are in full bloom and my Grandma would be smiling down.


We have had so many potential buyers walk through the door, love the style of the house, love what we have done with it…

Here are the excuses we are receiving

  1. The neighbors are all too close

  2. The yard is not big enough

  3. There are TOO MANY Trees!!!

  4. Wished we had brought it before we purchased our house recently!!

And so I am Totally Frustrated.

I sit and I wonder WHY?

We have a goal book, We have pictures, We have written down what we want to happen. We know how the law of attraction works.

We look at the area we want to move to each weekend, online every few days and have seen so many houses that would be perfect for us.

What is keeping us from moving forward? Is there anything else that we can do so that the universe will provide for our family? Please Please Please, let us move forward.

We have most of our house packed and in storage already…

We are looking forward to moving to the beach, I Love The Beach, The kids have so much fun at the Beach.

Totally Frustrated….

Hope the mood goes soon, and that the house is sold asap.



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