The Wind Came

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Law Of Attraction
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How Can a tree do this?

How Can a tree do this?

The Wind Came And Brought Down A Tree!!

On Tuesday just gone we had a storm. It was not a particular fierce storm, nor a very long storm.

The Wind Came and The Tree Came Down

The Wind Came and The Tree Came Down

The shed that is gone

The shed that is gone

But it was enough to bring down our neighbors tree…..and gee did it do some damage. NOT sure how a tree could do this but here are the photos so you can see how a shed became flat….how contents were damaged, and even a BBQ was flatter than a pancake….

After the wind calmed down, and the damage could be assessed, it was a moment to thank the Gods that be that no one was in the back yard close to where the tree landed, that the neighbors were safe inside the house, and that the tree landed the way it did.

The following day we had more wind….but lucky all the trees remain standing.

The neighbors now have the fun part…..trying to deal with the Insurance company to work out who pays for what…….because the tree was actually not on our neighbors property but actually on the neighbour next to them land, (not ours lucky!!) the insurance company (s) are trying to work out who is responsible and who has to pay for what.

Also because it was water damaged inside the side our wonderful neighbours have to fill separate claims to the insurance company, separate quotes, separate companies to come out and clean it all up!!

Wednesday saw a tree company come into to cut the tree down, and mulch the smaller branches.

Another company will have to come in and take away all of the broken bits of the shed.

What gets me emotionally… that the shed was actually part of our house, because our beautiful old house is over 100 years old, and is the original house for the D’aguilar area. Not sure if that means it is part of history, but once upon a time this house that we live for the moment was the only house in D’aguilar area……with the land used as a pig farm!!!

Not 100% sure how much land was with our house but it was acreage. When we moved in there was no fences between our neighbour who lost there shed and our house, Hubby had to put the fence up!!

So The Wind Came, and with it The Shed For The House of D’aguilar went with it.

Here’s to making history, and creating new history.



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