Woodys House

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Woodys House
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Woodys House

Here are just a few photos of our house, and why I have been so full on busy lately, and have not had much time to myself.

We have finally finished our project of renovating our very old queenslander. It took us three weeks of 1.30 am mornings to get it all finished, and only seven years of living with it as is:)

We are proud to be selling our house, and moving our life forward to the beach, but yet its a bitter sweet move. I am feeling different feelings on different days. Happy to be going, sad to to say goodbye, Happy to be moving near to the beach as I love walking and breathing the fresh sea air. Glad to be going to a more positive area. Sad to say good bye to all that we know. Will so miss my beautiful Rose Garden.

Actually that is what I will miss the most. I planted the Rose Garden in my grandmothers last memory. Her favorite was yellow, and I placed them next to red roses which was her next favorite ones. So sorry that I have to leave them behind.

Happy to be finally finished all of the hard work.

Happy to have a house that is clean most of the time.

Stressed out trying to keep it that clean!!

Will place a more photos here soon, and a video. Will also be listing it for sale on eBay!!

Cheers and love sent your way



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