Sorry, I’m Still Here!!

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Moving House
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So Sorry For Not Getting ON Here To Post!!

Lately I have been stretched for time…really stretched:)

We (our whole family) is moving House. We are packing up and moving closer to the beach. So I have not had time to scratch myself.

From packing, cleaning, phone calls, running around like a mad women (to say the least)….that is why I have neglected my blogs, and for that I really say sorry 🙂

Please accept that I am here, I will be back here in FULL soon, but just bear with me as we get ready to place our house on the market.

Have you moved house lately? Gosh how much junk can one household have collected in over 6 years?  I never realised how much rubbish we had collected in each cupboard. When I say rubbish, I mean “items” that we thought we really needed.  Items that we brought over the years when out and about shopping, spending money on goods that we did not really need, use, want or had to have to survive. SO after a mad two weeks, I have de-cluttered my house (lifeline you must be happy)…taken heaps of things to the dump and packed everything that I can possible pack to make our house look bigger.

Adding Value

With packing nearly everything into boxes, and cleaning out cupboards, moving around furniture and getting rid of furniture that we do not need (again lifeline you will be receiving!!) we are hoping to add value to the house.

Must remember to take photos of the end results so you can see how amazing our house looks now.

To think that it has taken us over six years of renovating, now in the last two weeks we are getting on top of last minute jobs that we have been putting off!!!

Why Move?

We are moving closer to the beach. I love the beach….so very much. We are always heading off to the beach so it makes sense to finally move there. We (David and I) have been talking about the beach for some time….and I got sick of talking about it so now its time to do something about it.

So Sunshine Coast here we come!!

Will be trying to post here more regularly, once the house is on the market, the boxes that are already packed placed into storage….then I am hoping I can breathe again.

Until then Please keep me in mind when you are sitting back to relax with a drink or two….because at the moment both David and I are doing over 15 hour days, only stopping quickly to eat, drink (water!!), shower, sleep and are lucky if we can scratch our selves 🙂

Till next time….Stay Healthy, Keep Smiling, Be successful in your own world.

Lisa Wood from Woody’s Mangosteen Fruit.


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