Sugar And Don Tolman

Posted: July 26, 2009 in Fit and Healthy
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The Truth About Sugar By Don Tolman

A little while back David and I attended Don Tolman “The Whole Foods Man” and listened to how he explains what Food is affecting the body and how we are getting sick from what we put in.

Here is one of Don Tolman thoughts about Sugar

Enjoy and learn about staying Healthy the easy way.

Here’s to inner health, happiness, joy, friends and wealth


Lisa Wood

  1. bradstuart says:

    Saw Don Tolman live the other night. Made some points that have changed my life. I recommend everyone check out his site before they even think of going to the doctor again

    • Lisa Wood says:

      Hello Bradley,

      Don Tolman is brilliant. I totally agree about going to see him before going to the Doctors ever again. We actually go to other alternative methods, and do not have a doctor that we see. We used to believe in Medicine (Doctors) but have lots so many family/friends to cancer. I know now another way to live and it makes so much sense. Great to hear from another like minded person 🙂


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