To Those Who Don’t Know Me

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Business Image
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And To Those That Do!!!

Recently I was told that I had to remove blogs from our website Our Path To Prosperity by a certain company’s rules. (and for that I am sorry about)

Which I have done….But my dreams and Believes can not be taken from me and our family, and I will never ever send my apology’s for that.

I know in my heart what is true, and I know what works for our family. Due to some unfortunate people, and their lack of understanding….and their lack of having a life, I was told in no uncertain terms on what my website could/could not say. So for the person that is out there (and you know who you are) I will not take this lying down.

I am a stronger women, just from what I have been learning the last few years with our quest for more out of life…and I will not be silent anymore.

I never EVER wanted to hurt anyone, I just wanted to share our life experience so others out there also could experience and enjoy the same amazing benefits health wise. But it seems out there in the big wide world there always has to be one person who needs (and probably loves) to be bringing other people down…

Why Is That?

When you are succeeding and getting ahead, that some others think that they have a right to pull successful people down?

Well I got News for you. My Dreams, My Goals and My Passions Can NEVER EVER be taken away…..I will always follow my heart, and my absolute faith in what we as a family is the right path for us to be going on.

SO to all my wonderful friends/family and bloggers that take the time to hear me out….for that I am totally grateful.

For others that like to drag others down to your miserable level…you are not worth the time of day.

So thanks to Friends…The world is a better place with them

Moving ON…..

Lisa Wood.


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