Getting Back Into Shape

Re-Joining the Gym that I used to go.

I have been on a huge quest to get my body back into shape…after five boys I really need some Help!!!

One of my goals with my personal life coach is to work out more, and to increase my fitness levels. On Thursday night just gone I was at a Yoga Class with my friend Sabine (who is the instructor). I was pushing my body harder and stronger than ever before. It was starting to get really warm in the room, and I was enjoy the benefit my body was experiencing.

The Law Of Attraction Works Again

When I got home my Hubby informed me that someone from the gym contacted me while I was out, to give me the run down on a great deal that the gym “Fitness N Motion” had a great deal on. Luckily David got there name and number and a bit of what it was all about. But how spooky is that? I had been thinking about getting my body back, getting back into shape and thought about the gym. Then what happens? The Law of Attraction Works for me!!! I put out there what I wanted and it is provided!!!

So the guy then gives me a call while I was eating dinner. The deal was called “Tummy Busters” and he outlined how  much it would cost each week, and the deposit needed to get my membership up and running again. It was such a great deal that I was determined to join. Even if it means only for a short period of time….because we are looking at moving to the Sunshine Coast.

The guy that was going through the power work explained how I could be assisted with a personal program written out, and what my aims and objectives were. I have always loved those Body Sculptures….Not the big body Builders but the body Sculptures that defined and made the body look HOT. That was written down….”Wants To Be A Body Sculpture”

So that is my next challenge in life….to be one HOT Mama!!!

So Here’s To Joining The Gym, Getting my body back and being one HOT Mum!!

Do you work out?


Lisa Wood


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