Getting Fit and Healthy

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Fit and Healthy
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Day Two….

Today was Day two of my personal Challenge to be more fit and more healthy.

I woke up and knew that because I was getting Cameron to school that it would be best to walk. So we got ready in record speedy time, and left in time to walk to school.

It felt very fresh this morning, and I am very grateful for my Mother-In-Law because she had knitted me a scarf a few years back. I rugged up baby Woody because he was still not 100% back to feeling fine, and made sure Cameron was as warm as can be.

Setting Off

Kyle rugged up tight in his  jogger pram, with only his head poking out and we set off. Its normally about a 15 minute walk, but due to the council pulling up the footpath it turned into a 25 minute walk. I kept moving as fast as possible….so it will be interesting to see at the end of the week what effect it has on my Body. I plan to walk the rest of the week, and even attempt to walk the long way home at least once. The long way is just the most glorious walk…it goes down a dirt track, and around to the winery….which is no longer a winery, they are not operating anymore. Actually I think they have closed down for good.  They say that they are closed for Renovation but that they has been for over a year now..

Then past water holes, and brooks….into the yucky footpath once more. The hills around here are very steep, does that mean I can say that getting fitter should take less time!!!

Will be back with photos, and measurements….. so that I can see and you can also keep me on track for getting fit and healthy in no time at all 🙂 One sexy Mum getting her body back!!

Here’s to your health. Do you need to be kept accountable for getting your body back? Let me know your details and we can kick each others butts!!


Lisa Wood

  1. ida van der Togt says:

    Good on you for walking! You will also think about the environment by not using the car.

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