How to Get Fit and Healthier.

Recently I went to Canberra to meet with a personal life coach from Paul Blackburn “Beyond Success” Mentoring team.

Upon returning from Canberra I now have a Life Coach and have weekly homework with assignments that need to be answered. I have finished my first Unit last week, and on to my second Unit this week.

This new Unit has been very confronting. The assignment this time has been very deep. So deep that I had trouble starting the set questions. The questions go very deep…..a lot of thinking. Sometimes thinking things that I really don’t want to think about.

At first I went over the questions, just reading…..and reading. I did not want to answer the questions but as soon as I started it became apparent why the Unit of work was given to me.  The Unit made me look deep into what I REALLY wanted out of life. Really Deep.  There are many aspects of my life that I now want to work on.

One Aspect

One of the answers that came to light is that I want to get Fit and Healthy. So fit and Healthy that I can enter competitions with my body as a “Champion Body Sculptor”……Sounds heavy!!

Basically I want to change my body shape and be proud of who I am, who I am going to be, and how I will be remembered in this lifetime.

So Getting Fit and Healthy is what my next aim in life is all about. IT starts today, it continues tomorrow and goes into next week. The Plan is :- I have four workout sessions that I need to be doing every week, NO EXCUSES. I need to have one personal training session per week and I am going to be looking out for a total body overhaul. This getting fit and healthy sounds like fun. I have always admired women who have a fair bit of muscle on their body and have always wanted to enter competition for having the best body possible. SO here is to a new me!!

A very different new me. A Mum that looks amazing after having five woody boys and achieving her dreams. How incredible does that sound? Amazing to my own ears….or should I be saying eyes!!

Here’s to Getting Fit and Healthy.



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