To Good Health

Posted: July 7, 2009 in To Good Health
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Cheers To Good Health…Happiness and Friendship

Lately we have lost a few friends and family members, even a fantastic horse….so I am just starting to really realise how important good Health is. Not just feeling like I am doing fine, but feeling like I am jumping out of bed lets get the day going type of health.

Because life is far too short…..when your time is up, its up. For me that has made me have a good deep think about what is important in life. What really matters……and I can tell you that it has made me think deeply. I am no longer going to be wasting my time with the wrong type of people, and hanging out with friends that are only going to drag me down. So from now on I will only surround myself and my family with people that understand our values and have the same burning desires in life.

Will I loose friends along the way?

More than likely lots of them. But from now on Good Health really is what my focus is on….and helping those that are around me that matter to our family to become healthy is my mission in life.

What is your mission for being born on this amazing world?

So from now on its more laughter in our house hold, its better to laugh in life to have good Health then it is to cry!!

Here’s to your Good Health.


Lisa Wood


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