Gall Stones Attack…..

This morning I had a Gall Stone Attack, which is very painful…..more painful then child birth and after having five boys that it is saying something…

Just after having breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomato and juice I could feel an attack of Gall stones coming on. It starts of with the shakes, then the sweats, then it starts to feel really painful on the right hand side of my body. It feels like someone is squeezing my body, and then it feels like glass cutting me in half.

The Horrible Pain of Gall Stones Attack

I can not tell you how much it hurts…my face goes so white from the pain. I start to breathe really heavy because I am trying to breathe through the pain. I know that if I am not careful with my breathing then I will start to hyperventilate….so I try to breathe slower and deeper.

The last time I had a Gall Stone attack was over three months ago. I am not sure what brought this attack on…maybe too many tomatoes in last night Spaghetti Bolognaise or maybe to much fat in the bacon. Normally bacon does not affect me.

When the pain becomes too much and the pain killers will not work, I normally have to go to hospital. This time I got a shot glass and added Mangosteen fruit and drank the juice.

Within 10 minutes of having the juice I could feel it go to work. It sounds really bizarre, the juice slides down into the body. I can feel it go all the way down….sliding and coating my insides. Then it works on my right side of my body. It goes to attack on the gall stones….it feels amazing. The gall stones are contracting my insides and I just want to pass out from the pain…and then the juice comes along and slams it. How bizarre does that sound? But it works….The pain is going, going, going….within 10 minutes the pain has disappeared….within 20 minutes the pain is gone.

It almost feels like there was not Gall Stones to start with. If a Doctor had seen me when it started, they would of wanted to operate then and there. If a doctor had of seen me within 20 minutes after taking the juice, they would wonder what all the fuss was about.

Totally Amazed at the results.

If you had of told me what would of happened I would not have believed it. It does not seem possible that  a simple juice can do that. How is that possible? Not sure how but just so grateful that the Gall Stones disappeared so soon, so quickly, so easily…..

I am not saying that the same results could happen for you. All of our bodies work differently, but it can’t hurt to try.

Grateful to friends, Grateful to great health Juice, Grateful for Life.

Here’s to your Health, Friends, Happiness, Success, Wealth and Life


Lisa Wood

  1. Lisa… very descriptive… I feel better already. Cheers Annie

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