To Receive One On One Coaching…..

I flew down to Canberra Monday night to stay with my brothers so that I could meet with Paul Blackburns Team.

There I was paired up with a personal Coach who will be taking me on for the next three months.

He will have his job cut out for him, I can tell you…. 🙂

The coaching will enable me to move our life forward, to get over any mindset issues that is blocking us from succeeding and exploding our results.

The Trip To Canberra

It was far too short….in one and half days I tried to jam back in as much as possible….

Seeing the New Parliament House, The War Memorial, Outside of ADFA and outside of military bases. I never knew that Canberra was such a big place to live in. It was huge, so many houses, with beautiful trees and landscapes.

The houses seemed really big, with big houses and little yards. But then houses always seem bigger and better when you visit a new city.

The last time that I had been in Canberra I was 19, so it has been a long time!! Seeing my brothers were a blast, and catching up with family a bonus.

The Best Part of the Trip To Canberra

Was sighting seeing, but also parring up with a personal coach from Paul Blackburn Team. Our family (David Wood and I, Lisa Wood) have been on a huge path to prosperity for over the last three years, attending many conferences and joining with many different programs. Now that we have a business plan we are determined to succeed…so I know that with my new one on one coaching we have to own up, answer to the coach and no More Fluffing around!!

We are on a Mission and the next time we go to Canberra will be with all of our woody boys, as a family.

What are you looking for out of life? I have many wonderful new friends who ask me questions, and look towards me to mentor them. BUT I can not help anyone unless they know what they want from life. So get really serious, grab a book and write out a business plan/goals.

Recently I have learnt (from losing friends/family) that life is far too short. So we are determined never ever to waste another minute.

The Trip To Canberra Was A Blast, and more is too come.

Here’s to your success in your life

Lisa Wood.

  1. The best way to achieve our goals in business is to just go ahead and always have that positive outlook.

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