Think And Grow Rich Property Event In Brisbane….continued….

How The Weekend Went for the Volunteers….

From the moment registration started and we quickly greeted the wonderful audience….

to the moment all attendees were seated in their chairs it was full steam ahead for the Volunteer Staff.

Behind every great successful man, is a more successful women and it is so true. Stuart Zadel events run smoothly thanks to a very wonderful caring lady…Jacinta.

Behind The Great Man Is A Greater Women

Jacinta briefed us on our roles for the day, and on how to make all the audience feel comfortable. I am happy to say that smiling was a big order for the day, and it was not hard to achieve. Every time we glanced at Jacinta (for any reassurance) her gorgeous smiling face soon brought out a smile on our faces.

There are certain parts of the event that we are able to relax, sit back and take as many notes as possible from each presenter but there are also times when it is action packed so notes are the last thing on our mind.

The paperwork behind the scenes are what makes the event so successful. For us newbies to the Volunteer team it was a bit confusing and sometimes we needed to sit back and wait for guidance, or even just to observe how it was run. But with positive back up no one was made to feel like we had goofed up!!!

Smiling soon became second nature, and greeting people with a “Hello”, “welcome back” and “great to see”  soon seemed like we had be there and done that before 🙂 All of the audience that I came across and met treated us Volunteers with respect, were polite and courteous.

For that I am grateful.

Stuart Zadel soon had us in stitches with his wonderful sense of humor….but be warned – You will need your tissues because his stories came straight from the heart.

My most favorite presenter of all time on the stage, who I had not heard before, was the King and Queen Of Renovation. They were both down to earth speakers, who with sharing their story of how they have just fallen into Renovation, and what they have learnt along the way to keep their marriage strong. Their story really hit home to me, because along our journey to path to prosperity David and I have had our ups and down moments…..soon finding out what works for us and what does not work for us.

So for your great experience with the Think and Grow Rich Event Property in your town and to get your tickets before they are sold out Hurry On over!!

Till Next time…Where I will touch more on the other presenters that I connected with….

Stay Safe, Well, Happy, Healthy and Rich!!

Lisa Wood

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