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Posted: June 25, 2009 in Think and Grow Rich event
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Think and Grow Rich Property Event in Brisbane….

From the other side of the table this time….as a Volunteer.

Usually David and I attend Conferences (and hopeful together) as part of the Audience. Due to us being to so many lately I decide that I wanted to Volunteer as a helper instead of just part of the audience.

I can say that it is a real eye opener and totally rocks:) The weekend was a huge success for the Volunteer team, and for the audience due to Stuart Zadel wonderful program, and his wonderful full time staff members.

Behind the Scenes….

On the Saturday morning I arrived very early because I was catching a train in. (i had to catch the early train otherwise I would of arrived late!!) Due to being the first in first served, I was given the task of greeting all the Volunteers and handing out name tags and the giving of T-shirts. We had beautiful Purple t-shirts….. That in its self was a great experience because I got to meet the team and introduce myself to all.

I am a very private person, and very shy so going to conferences and allowing myself to volunteer as part of team member has brought my inner self out (just a little bit….oh ok a lot!).

There are so amazing volunteers at the Think and Grow Rich Event in Brisbane….team members that have given there time up to help out at each and every event. Some traveling from far up north to Brisbane, some arriving by planes from down South to Brisbane. So about half of the team were brand new and the other half were seasonal and very experience Volunteers.

I would have to say without a doubt that we were all made welcome from Stuart Zadel and Jacinta, and it soon felt like part of a new family.  It normally takes me awhile to get to know people because I am a very private person, but the weekend soon saw the team become one.

That made it for a very easy weekend. I am so looking forward to my next time that Think and Grow Rich is back in Brisbane so that I can once again help out.

Here are just a few hints and tips for being a Volunteer:-

  1. Never buy new shoes for the event. It was a dress code, so black in closed shoes was a must, and of course I did not own any.
  2. Bring other shoes for after the event, instead of having to leave the event and walk (nearly crawl) to the hotel to check my bags in, and then after the event on Saturday night…by then it was a very slow walk!!
  3. Buy black long pants, instead of a skirt that I don’t normally wear so it felt weird!!
  4. Smile more, because hey its the best weekend of knowledge
  5. Bring in other socks besides bed socks!! Due to feet being so sore and bleeding I had to wear my socks with my new shoes on the Sunday, and of course all i had was bright Pink ones!!!
  6. Take as many notes down as possible when in the room with the presenters on stage, because they have such vital information.
  7. Make sure to get all the teams details so that after the event I can keep in contact and touch base with how they are going.
  8. Make sure to ring Hubby when finished on the Sunday night so that he does not drive down to the Station at Caboolture at 10.30 pm, sit there and wait for me…..mind you I was still in Brisbane at 10.30 pm so he had a long wait.
  9. last but not least, enjoy the weekend because it fly’s by far too quickly.
  10. oh and remember to take a camera so that I have memories to treasure.

For all those that have not Volunteered before at Conferences, then get out of your comfort zone and join the amazing behind the scenes and love amongst the Volunteers.

So wish I had remembered to get all team members details!! Until next time…where I will touch more on the “Think and Grow Rich Event”….take care.

Love and thoughts sent out to you all.

Lisa Wood


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