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Posted: June 22, 2009 in Think and Grow Rich event
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Think and Grow Rich Property Event Brisbane…

Over the weekend was the “think and grow Rich Property Event” at the Tattersall’s Club, in Queen Street.

It started on Saturday at 9.00 am until 9.00 pm and same time on Sunday. As a part of a volunteer team we all needed to be there by 6:30 am on Saturday Morning. That meant I had to be on the train by 5.01am, meaning I needed to be out of bed by 4.00 am!!!! And I am not a morning person:)

Traveling to the station David had to stop to get some money out of the teller so that I could pay for the hotel etc…

We made it at the station with one minute to spare….as soon as I boarded the train, it left the station

The train arrived at Brisbane just after 6:00 am, so I arrived early at the Tattersall’s Club, in time to learn how as Volunteers we had to be fitted up with purple shirts, name tags, sign our paper work and find where to have our bags placed.

Then it was all stations go, and all hands on decks…..

The team was made up of 14 people….some that were seasonal volunteers as they have been helping out at the events for some time, and others like myself that was helping out for the first time.

How It Is Set Up Behind The Scenes

We soon realised how well the weekend was set up thanks to Jasinta Marshall and her wonderful team…..The respect, love and understanding between The Think and Grow Rich Team was a vibe that could be felt as soon as all the volunteers were in the room together being briefed.

Each team member pulled together, worked together and soon supported each other for the whole entire weekend.

It was an awsome feeling, and one that I am looking forward to returning to the next “Think and Grow Rich Event”, as a Volunteer again.

Stay tuned, next I will tell you what it is like behind the scenes….how we organise the event to run smoothly. What is needed, how much is planned ahead of time, and who is the successful women behind the successful Men!!!

Think and Grow Rich Events

Think and Grow Rich Property Event will be back in Brisbane Saturday and Sunday 14th/15th November. For more times/dates before November head to TGR Properity.

For the event Think and Grow Rich Cash Flow you can also see about dates/times/venues/states at Think and Grow Rich

There are some amazing success stories from the Events, and many more to come.

Are you going to be one of them?

Here’s to your success, Health, Happiness, Friendship and Wealth.

Check by here soon to hear how the team brings the events together…..


Lisa Wood


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