Think and Grow Rich Property Event…..

This weekend in Brisbane is the think and grow rich event. This time instead of going to it as a person in the audience, I will be attending the event from the inside….

As a Volunteer. I am going to be seeing how a conference is run from the other side of the table.  I am getting very excited as I will get to see how it all runs and helping through out the day… handing out paper work, assisting Stuart Zadel and Jasinta Marshall from Think and Grow Rich.

This is my first Volunteer at a Conference, but it so not my first time to an event….

Over the last few years David and I have been attending as many conferences as possible to help move our life forward…along the path to prosperity we have meet some amazing friends.

It will be good to give my time to helping out as way to say Thank You to all the wonderful presenters that we have seen over the last few years.

The last Think and Grow Rich Event that I went to, I took my son Hayden. It was in Brisbane and was a full on two days jammed packed with quality presenters. People like Carly Crutchfield, Matt and Amanda Clarkson, Paul Blackburn, The X factor Man, Mark Rolton and many other presenters.

Will be interesting to see who will be presenting from stage at this event, as this weekend is dedicated to real estate/property.

The weekend starts early for Volunteers…as we have to be there by 6.30 am so that means a 5.00 am train into Brisbane. I have found a reasonable place to stay for the night and its only a few blocks away from the venue. I am going to see if I can sneak out sometime during the day to book into my hotel.

Here is a short clip with Stuart Zadel…

Looking forward to meeting Stuart Zadel again, and to helping out at the event over the weekend.

PS:- All Volunteers get the new book for free so check back here for more updates.

Here’s to your Success with Think and Grow Rich

Until Next time….

Take care, Stay Healthy, Happy, Well, Successful and Rich:)


from Woodys


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