The Scary C-Word that all of us dread….


Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Leukemia, Tumors.….

There is no known cure for Cancers. There is treatment, but it is not a cure.

And at best the treatment might work, or at least give you a little bit of extra time. But to give a great outcome to say that cancer has a full proof plan…..that does not exist.

This is one doctors view about the effects of the cancer drugs and what you can do to help with beating the horrible disease….

Mangosteen Fruit can help in so many different ways….

Here’s to your health, wealth and happiness.

Thanks for your time.
Do you have a story to share?
Then Don’t be afraid to drop a line and give us your tale.

Till Next Time
Lisa Wood

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