New Friends

In life people come and go….but family always stays family (even if you don’t want them to!!!). New friends come when we least expect them to.

Along our path to prosperity we have lost a lot of friends, friends that we used to hang out with and have good times with. Since we have embarked on our quest for more from life…more choices, more freedom, better health and more money….well it seems we have moved our mindset so now its time to move with on with different quality of friends.

New friends have come into our life recently and we are finding that we have the same beliefs in common….dreams and goals that we are searching for, and taking action to achieve….they too are wanting to achieve their dreams and goals.

So when we are connecting with our new group of friends we are treasuring every moment we have with them. Will they be friends with us in years to come? That I can not say for sure but we do know this…..New Friends are in our life for as long as we all have the same dreams and goals to achieve, and that means that as we grow, they grow.  As they grow and achieve, then we also do the same.

I am a big believer in what you are thinking about, will come about. So I am sending out there to the universe that the Woodys are on a quest for more from life, and looking forward to connecting with many more like minded people.  We are on a health path with Mangosteen Fruit turned into a Juice….a Fruit Juice that is helping our health from the inside to the outside.

New Friends, Great Friends, True Friends are hard to find (ones that think the same as you!!!) so when you do find them hold onto them and treasure them.

To all our new amazing friends (you guys know how grateful we are) we like to take this time to say thank you for helping us to grow, develop, take action and achieve. You guys know who you are….You Rock!!!

Cheers to New Friends

Lisa Wood

  1. […] Good friends are also hard to find, when there are already so many woody boys in one house, the baby seems to be left out!! […]

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