Mangosteen.….Woodys are now with a health Drink

Woody’s are now online with our health business. We are over excited to be sharing our new venture.

Never in a million years would I be so proud to tell the world about any product, let alone a product that I use to help our family. But this product has given us so many benefits to our family that I am very PROUD to be letting everyone know about Mangosteen fruit.

Even when I was out today, standing in a HUGE line at Anaconda Camping store, I was itching to tell the lady that was behind me all about the benefits of the fruit.

A little about our morning……..After taking Zachery to tennis for sport we spoke to another Mum about the benefits of the fruit to my health and our boys health. Meeting the Mum for the first time….I still had the courage to speak up about the product (which for me is pretty amazing as I don’t normally like to speak about what I am using!!!). We are happy that we did speak out as we now have another lady whose health is going to benefit from Mangosteen Fruit.

Then while David stayed to watch Zachery play tennis I took three boys to Anaconda Camping Store at Morayfield. Where they had 40 tonnes of snow brought into the car park for kids to play with it. So in line we hopped…..and waited and waited and waited. Oh for about one HOUR!!! The three boys got to make a snowman, and fall over in the snow and get wet bums with five minutes of play time:)


IMG_4695 Kyle, Cameron and Nicholas with their first snow man!! Snow in Queensland:)  Well it was man made snow but they still had fun.

So while we were waiting I struck up a conversation with the lady behind me, who had one of her own children with her and two friends kids. I was so close to telling her about the benefits of the fruit for kids concentration……only wished I had more samples with me or our business card!!! So now I am kicking my butt for not helping her family…..oh well next time.

That’s the power of the fruit….it sells itself.

So stop on by and check out Woody’s new business venture. Let me know what you think? Woody’s Mangosteen fruit is looking forward to helping you, connecting with you and going for the ride of our lives!!!

Stay safe, Happy, well, and excited

Until Next Time

Lisa Wood


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