mangosteen fruit


Mangosteen fruit can be eaten as is. It reminds me a lot like a lychee, with its sweet taste and colour of the inside fruit.

Mangosteen has been used in Asia since the early 600 A.D for the use of Mangosteen as a nutritional powerhouse.

The whole fruit can be used to brew in teas. It can also be prepared for topical solutions. For bruises, cuts, burns, sprains and rashes the fruit (all of the fruit) can be used to relieve pain.

The Story Of Mangosteen Benefits For David

Just recently David burnt himself welding at work. He knew soon as he burnt himself with welding that he was going to blister and be very painful. David’s work mate Tony had Mangosteen fruit with him, so David went and grabbed one.

David cut the skin of the fruit, into a small bite size, and placed it into his mouth. He chewed the skin (which he now lets everyone know that it is just beyond disgusting!!!) and waited until it was a paste.

Then he spat it out of his mouth and placed it on the burn. He wrapped his whole hand in a bandage and went back to work.

That night when David got home from work, he showed me his hand. David burns and blisters really easy. So when I looked at his hand I was so surprised to see that there was no mark, no blister and I could only tell that he had burnt himself because he told me!!!

The Mangosteen fruit turned into juice is more powerful again. The “Queen of Fruits” has its remarkable name from a legend dating back to Queen Victoria time.

The History Of Mangosteen                 mangosteen fruit 2

Queen Victoria passion with the fruit lead her to offer knighthood to any subject who could present her with a mangosteen fruit in perfect condition.

No one could succeed with the quest. Due to the distant of where the fruit was coming from to where Queen Victoria resided, the fruit would be spoiled on its journey.

But thanks to the queens devotion  to the fruit “Queen of Fruits” is a name still widely used by fans across the world.

Do you have a success story with Mangosteen Fruit?

Please Share with us

Lisa Wood.

Until next time….stay healthy, happy and wealthy.

mangosteen fruit 3


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