Hello World!

This is let you know all about the “Woody’s”. The Wood family. David and Lisa Wood, with five boys.

I am a mum to five amazing very active boys….they are amazing but gee do they have some energy. I think they took all of mine when they were born:)

We as a family have been on a quest for over three years to search for more from life. More time, more choices, more freedom and more health/wealth.

On our path to prosperity we have had some amazing times. We have made heaps of mistakes, wasted time and money…..made good choices and also made lots of money as well. During this time we have meet some amazing people. We are now on the road to having all of our dreams come true.

We are living with the knowledge of what it takes to be successful, and the attitude that is needed so that “No Matter What” we are going to make it.

Along with improving our Health thru Mangosteen Fruit, we have meet two amzing people Annie and Tony Ey. With Annie and Tony influence, setting goals and writing out a detailed business plan….we are on a new path to prosperity.

Many of you may be aware….for those that don’t know, my husband, David Wood has set the goal to be retired by September 30th this year. So the race is on!!! With our business plan, we use it to make sure we keep on track.

Looking forward to connecting with you, sharing and learning along the way. Do you have health issues that is impacting on your wealth? Great, let me know and we can share with you and your family how Mangosteen can changer your life.

Here’s to your Health, Wealth, Life and Successmangosteen 2

Lisa Wood

Mangosteen for Health:)


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